About us

For many years we have been fulfilling the dreams of our customers, who expect more than just functionality from furniture.

We have been operating in the furniture industry since 2002.

Crafts work and skills of our employees guarantee high quality of our products.

Despite the fact that most of our furniture is finished with traditional techniques, we try to modernize our  existing production line in order to offer our customers a variety of products and to be competitive on the market at the same time.



Our furniture is made of solid wood, such as as: alder, cherry, nut, oak, and exotic trees. In addition, we managed to introduce new models of furniture with larger sizes, e. g. libraries, buildings, etc. using a wide range of exotic veneers. We know how important it is to match the furniture to the expectations of our customers, so we can help with interior design. We are able to provide professional advice and tips on how to make the apartment stylishly beautiful and functional at the same time. Since words alone cannot convey the charm of our furniture, we invite you to visit our show room ''Interior Gallery'' in GDYNIA.